A game created for the LightNight Jam. I was unable to submit the game on time as I went over the deadline by a few minutes. Still pretty rough around the edges, but is any jam game ever polished? In any case, I still wanted to share it as a stepping stone on my way to learn Unity.

The theme was Childhood Dreams. The idea I wanted to implement was a child dreaming about his favorite games and wanting to develop one himself. It's a little auto-biographical. The gameplay involves jumping at the text bubbles and some lite-platforming.

Several resources were used in this game such as: Supercyan Character Pack Free Sample available on the Unity Asset Store, the music track called Happy Arcade Tune by Rezoner found on opengameart.org, and the sound effect used for the text bubble was also found on opengameart.org.


Keyboard: WASD or Arrow Keys to move and turn, SPACE to jump, C to switch camera towards front or back, ESC to close game.

Gamepad (360, untested with other gamepads): Left Analog for movement, A to jump, B to switch camera towards front or back, Back button to quit game.


There's a bug with the controller (at least on my end, let me know if the same happens to you), when I click B to change the camera, the game is no longer active with the controller but the browser instead. I then have to click in the game window again to make it active. Going fullscreen prevents this.

Sometimes pressing the jump button multiple times will make the character "fly".

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