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Shadow-91 | An on-rails, shoot'em up, clicker concept

Formerly known as Training Sim, Training Sim Advanced and Deliverer (3 iterative builds of the same game), I've gone back to basics with the core design concept and am looking to build up from there. If you're interesting in shoot'em up games and on-rails shooters, try the game and let me know how you feel about the game, what you would like to see, and what do you feel is missing.

Eventually with enough interest, I will build up the game further and release it at a premium (between $1-$2)


Initially started as a prototype drag and drop game in Game Maker Studio 2, where you literally would drag an object and drop it on another object, I thought why not just click on something, get some points, and watch what you clicked on explode with a neat particle effect. Eventually I arrived at what you see now. Flying through space, with objects getting closer to you, firing at you, and requiring you to shoot at them before they do. 

I'm exploring some ideas in design structure and characterization. Idea-wise, I'm merging elements of Robocop and Metroid. Foundation wise, I'm lifting the narrative and design structure of Psalm 91 and putting it into this game. I want to implement some mystery into the game that you can't quite point at, yet leave clues that point to a story. I'm trying to tell a story with pictures and little text - story through image and game mechanics.

In the INSTRUCTIONS file, I've added some story bits amid the instructions and did some ASCII art as well, for those who like that kind of thing. The inspiration here comes from the old-school concept of adding story, interest, and value through a game's booklet/manual. The kind they don't print anymore :(.

In any case, enjoy the game and leave feedback or comments!

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Dec 04, 2018

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