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Winged Victory: Phase I, is the start of a new saga in development, known as N9NEHART. Inspired by Hideo Kojima's work with Metal Gear and Metal Gear Solid, Winged Victory and N9NEHART aim to bring to life a new game in the stealth action espionage genre.

Phase I is the first of four phases for Winged Victory. Avoiding detection is your objective in this game! There are 9 pieces of intel scattered about, can you find them all?

* This project is an update from version 1.2. New features and elements have been added, and the game has been ported into Gamemaker Studio 2.  Still a little rough in areas, lacks a few things. Now on standby.

Install instructions

Single Executable file, no need to install. Runs on Windows.

WASD or Arrow Keys to move. H to hide! in certain areas like Trees, Crates or Barrels!


PhaseI_v1dot3.zip 1 MB

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