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Winged Victory: Phase I, is the start of a new saga in development, known as N9NEHART. Inspired by Hideo Kojima's work with Metal Gear and Metal Gear Solid, Winged Victory and N9NEHART aim to bring to life a new game in the stealth action espionage genre.

Phase I is the first of four phases for Winged Victory. Avoiding detection is your objective in this game! There are 9 pieces of intel scattered about, can you find them all?

* This project is an update from version 1.2. New features and elements have been added, and the game has been ported into Gamemaker Studio 2.  Still a little rough in areas, lacks a few things. will be completing and polishing soon. Play test and leave feedback please!

Install instructions

Single Executable file, no need to install. Runs on Windows.

WASD or Arrow Keys to move. H to hide! in certain areas like Trees, Crates or Barrels!


PhaseI_v1dot3.zip 1 MB

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