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Desktop Dungeon is an RPG concept of dungeon crawling on a desktop computer. Mixing elements of Blade Runner and Tron with Dungeons & Dragons, Desktop Dungeon is a bold move towards melding two genres with a punk attitude!

Atleast that's the idea, only so much you can do in two weeks! Anyhow, hope you enjoy our entry for the CGA Game Jam! Theme selected was History Repeats. Play a new dungeon every playthrough!

This game is a collaboration between Clint Fleetwood (Aletheia Game Studio), Anthony Karanovich, and Raul Rivera Arroyo (Burnerknight Studios). My work here involved art direction, pixel art, and game design.

WASD for movement
Point & Click (select attack and then select enemy)

Clear out the dungeon!

Install instructions

Single runtime executable file.


DesktopDungeon_CGA_gamejam.exe 18 MB


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Very interesting concept and color scheme!

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Thanks Bryalmdesign! Glad you liked it!