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This game was my entry into the GDEX Game Jam 2020, the theme was Community. My idea involved creating a place where flower creatures live but find themselves under attack by a group of marauding roach warriors. In comes Rose, a Mercenary Knight of the Black Thorn who is hired to deal with the roaches, clearing them out of the Flower Villa.

Inspired by Hollow Knight, Ys, and Wonder Boy in Monster World, it was my goal to create a shell of what could be a cool metroidvania / action-rpg sidescroller.

Build v.03d incorporates some new updates that fixes some bugs and playability issues with movement and the flower spring, as well as adding some better UX. v.03c was the last version uploaded to the jam and is available for posterity.

Goal: Defeat the Roach Warriors marauding a helpless Flower Villa!

Lose Condition: Be cut down by a warrior or fall into bramble.


Controls: Controller or Keyboard and Mouse if a controller isn't connected

* A/ Right Mouse Button - Jump

* B/ Spacebar - Skip text lines

* X/ Left Mouse Button - Attack

* WASD/Analog stick to move

* N - Resize screen from Full Screen to Windowed mode

* R - Restart an area

* ESC - Close the game

Tip: 1) There's a secret room with a cool GDEX cameo! 2) Stand in the spots emanating sun energy to heal!


Bugs: If you find you get stuck in a wall for whatever reason, restart the room by hitting - R - on your keyboard.

Let me know if you find any other bugs!


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MercenaryKnightRose_v03d.zip 36 MB
MercenaryKnightRose_v03c.zip 35 MB


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I found a bug on the first gameplay screen.  It's on the right side, and it walks back and forth.  I tried debugging the game, and then it said I beat it. :P 

The exterminator!